Nilfisk SR1601 Industrial Ride-On Sweeper

Nilfisk SR1601 ride-on sweeper complete with twin side brooms for LPG & Diesel models and a single side broom for Battery models, strobe light and foamed wheel kit

Price on Application

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Product Description

Engineered for tough industrial applications, the Nilfisk SR1601 is rugged and reliable resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. The wide sweeping path, large filter area, and powerful motors all ensure a high rate of productivity.

  • DustGuard misting system (optional on battery model) controls airborne dust reducing cleaning time

  • Free floating main broom with fine tuning controls increase productivity

  • MaxAccess system provides fast and easy access for servicing

  • Strong yet lightweight remoulded polyethylene covers and bumpers mounted on a steel chassis provide automotive grade protection

  • NoTools system speeds up main broom and side broom replacement and inspection

  • Eligible for three years warranty

Intuitive Operation
Intuitive Operation

Well laid out and clear control panels minimise any learning curve for the machine, and ensure stress-free operation. Easy to utilise with no difficuty in engaging machine functions means efficient cleaning.

Maximised Productivity
Maximised Productivity

Wide sweeping path with superior dust control means maximised productivity by the operator. Hydraulically powered high-dump ensures fast and mess-free dumping of debris.

Minimised Lifecycle Cost
Minimised Lifecycle Cost

Thanks to the compact design and folding panels, vital mechanical systems of the machine are easily accessible reducing inspection, servicing and repair time.

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