Nilfisk SW8000 Industrial Ride-On Sweeper

Nilfisk SW8000 industrial ride-on sweeper complete with strobe light, single side broom and foam filled tyres.

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Product Description

The Nilfisk SW8000 offers the most advanced, innovative, and productive industrial class ride-on sweeper. With a cleaning path of 2-metres, a powerful 4-cylinder Kubota engine, and a 400 litre hopper capacity, there's no industrial sweeping task the SW8000 can't handle.

  • Better safety features, easy operator control and simple maintenance

  • Dustguard misting system to control airborne dust

  • Main broom sweeping path is widest in the industry, providing superior performance and faster cleaning

  • Strong polyethylene covers offer high driving protection and absorb bumps

  • Eligible for three years warranty

Safe Edge Cleaning
Safe Edge Cleaning

Thanks to the offset side brushes, bumper castor wheels, and Nilfisk's ClearView, the operator can safely and easily clean along edges with the risk of machine or facility damage significantly reduced. Optional front bumper also available for even further machine protection.

Simplified Operation
Simplified Operation

Operation of such a heavy-duty piece of equipment could not be easier. OneTouch control ensures all sweeping functions are simultaneously engaged reducing the learning curve for new operators, improving overall efficiency and the cleaning result.

First in Reliability
First in Reliability

Powerful 4-cyclinder engine supplied by Kubota ensures maximum productivity from the SW8000 with best in industry quiet operation. Gear-driven valve train eliminates timing belts or chains, meaning the operator can have confidence in superior reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Lower Overall Cost
Lower Overall Cost

Nilfisk's NoTools system means the vital components of the machine can be accessed and serviced quickly and easily, saving valuable time and reducing service or maintenance costs. The same system grants immediate access to the machine's main brush for quick inspection and interchange.


The SW8000's high-dump system allows the operator to lift the hopper up to 154cm to dispose of the captured debris. This reduces down time and maintains the machine's easy operation.

Superior Dust Control
Superior Dust Control

Nilfisk's DustGuard misting system ensures the capture of any airborne dust from the side brushes. A fine mist is sprayed while the brush operates suppressing dust and allowing proper containment. This mitigates any health hazards and protects the rest of the cleaning environment from further dust.

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