Scup Detailer - Car Detailer

Kerrick Scup Detailer - Car Detailer vacuum extractor complete with upholstery tool, dry vacuuming kit (crevice tool, filter assemble and dusting brush), round brush, and 4.5m hose assembly

1,190.00 +GST 1190.0 AUD


Scup Detailer - Car Detailer
Product Description

The Scup Car Detailer is a commercial shampoo extractor that's perfectly suited to upholstery cleaning. It's proven itself time and time again in the automotive industry with its compact nature, practical tools, and simple operating system ensuring it's easily used by anyone.

  • 32 Litre stainless steel tank

  • Dry vacuuming kit with filter assembly, crevice tool, and dusting brush

  • Powerful 1200 watt motor

  • Internal 11.4L detergent tank

  • 4m hose length

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