Don't sweep it under the rug...
And we’re not talking about your emotions...we’re talking about the litter, debris and dust at your facility.
4 August, 2020 by
Don't sweep it under the rug...
Capital Equipment Hire Pty Ltd, Emma Dimech

Best Ways to Use Your Floor Sweeper

Think about commercial sweepers like traditional sweeping brooms on steroids. The objective is exactly the same, however the speed and effectiveness of the process increases by a significant amount.

Sweeping is a dry method of cleaning that involves the collection of loose debris and litter including dust, particles and dirt loaded into a hopper/container for disposal. Using a walk behind floor sweeper or a ride on floor sweeper for regular facility maintenance increases facility safety, housekeeping efficiency, company image amongst customers, and staff morale by working in a clean and safe work environment. Commercial sweepers or industrial sweepers achieve better cleaning results than a team of cleaners with traditional sweeping brooms at a much faster rate, reducing labour costs. 

Sweeping goes beyond just cleaning a floor, dust can have serious health implications from staff inhaling fine dust particles, so your sweeping activities need to be taken seriously with reliable, well maintained equipment to assist.

Here are 6 simple tips to sweep right:

  • Understand your machine - Read. The. User. Manual.
  • Choose the right type of brooms
  • Empty the hopper & clean filter regularly
  • Replace consumable parts when required
  • Inspect & clear sweep path to avoid large & heavy objects
  • Understand the different sweeping methods.

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