How to get the most from your commercial cleaning chemical
Learn the 4 best ways to apply your cleaning chemical to your cleaning machine for optimal results.
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How to get the most from your commercial cleaning chemical
Capital Equipment Hire, Emma Dimech

How to get the most from your commercial cleaning chemical

Knowing how to clean industrial & commercial floors is the question on everyone’s mind. Learn the best ways to apply your floor scrubber degreaser to your surfaces.

Aside from the cleaning machine itself, the cleaning chemical (or degreaser) deposited into the solution tank is an extremely important determining factor of cleaning performance. The product you choose, along with the way you use it in your cleaning equipment will make a massive difference to the overall effectiveness of your equipment. This is relevant not just for professional scrubbers, but also more traditional equipment methods such as mopping or spray and wipe.

See the following tips you can implement to get a better clean from your chemical:

1. Let it soak

Cleaning chemicals need time to do its job. The longer you allow for your chemical to soak into the surface, the more time you allow for the impurities to react and become loose for pickup. This is particularly important when cleaning stains stuck in porous surfaces such as unpolished concrete or grout. Apply the water mixed with the commercial cleaning chemical to the surface and let it rest. We usually recommend between 5-10 minutes of soaking time to get the best results; make sure that the floor doesn’t also dry during this time. 

2. Double scrub the area

Taking the above method one step further, double scrubbing is one of the most effective cleaning methods when using a professional floor scrubber. Most scrubbers feature a squeegee setting that allows you to scrub and apply water mixed with cleaning solution to the surface without picking up immediately. Once the solution soaks into the ground, go over the area a second time scrubbing and collecting the water at once. This is a more aggressive method available when using an automated scrubber machine. 

3. Get your dosage right

Every cleaning chemical concentration varies. Fully concentrated solutions, such as heavy duty Scrub Clean degreaser is 100% concentrated, meaning only a very small amount of solution is required when adding to water. Be careful when using fully concentrated solutions as they will bleach any surface it is applied to, such as a benchtop if it is resting there for a long period of time. Refer to the products’ Directions of Use for recommended dosage or the Safety Data sheet for detailed concentration information.

4. Invest in a quality product. Know the difference between a degreaser and alternate cleaning products.
Choose a cleaning solution suitable for your floor material and dirt type:
Disinfecting elevator controls

kills/inactivates microorganisms. A popular deep cleaning method for all types of areas.

Neutral cleaner in tube
Neutral Cleaners

have a pH rating between 6-8, reducing level of residue and tend to be safer on surfaces.

Degreaser industrial cleaner on floor being cleaned by scrubbing machine

aggressive solution to remove contaminants such as oil, grease and fingerprints.

Knowing the differences will allow you to better select the most appropriate solution for the application, getting the most out of your clean. There are hundreds of products available so it can be handy checking customer reviews and comparing the differences for yourself.

Our Chosen Industrial and Commercial Solution - ScrubClean Degreaser

ScrubClean degreaser is our recommended commercial and industrial cleaning chemical solution for customers. Affordable and extremely powerful, ScrubClean can be used in an automated scrubber or a traditional mop to clean a small cafe, large office block, or a large industrial warehouse. ScrubClean can be used for:

  • Tiles and grout

  • Stainless steel

  • Epoxy floors

  • Concrete floors

  • Marble bench tops

  • Much more!

View more details about ScrubClean and its applications here.

There are many more types of chemical solution accessories that can be fitted onto automated scrubbers such as Fimap’s Solution Saver, Nilfisk’s EcoFlex, i-team’s i-dose pods and Tennants H20 energiser. Each one of these options provides an efficiency benefit for the operator and also ensures less resource consumption per clean, lessening environmental impact. Contact your sales representative to learn more about these options in detail. 

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