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i-mop Range

View the range of i-mop floor scrubbers for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. Efficiently achieve outstanding cleanliness in your facility. Unsure where to start? Speak to our friendly Sales Team to book a site inspection and demonstration!

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i-mop XL Plus Floor Scrubber
6,699.00 6,699.00 6699.0 AUD

6,090.00 6,090.00 Ex. GST

Available for Hire
i-mop Lite with Battery & Charger
6,479.00 6,479.00 6479.0 AUD

5,890.00 5,890.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Pro Floor Scrubber
7,579.00 7,579.00 7579.0 AUD

6,890.00 6,890.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XXL Basic Floor Scrubber
7,689.00 7,689.00 7689.0 AUD

6,990.00 6,990.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XXL Plus Floor Scrubber
7,909.00 7,909.00 7909.0 AUD

7,190.00 7,190.00 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Basic Floor Scrubber
6,149.00 6,149.00 6149.0 AUD

5,590.00 5,590.00 Ex. GST

i-Dose Solution Tank (XL/XXL)
99.55 99.55 99.55 AUD

90.50 90.50 Ex. GST

i-mop XL Scrub Bracket
309.54 309.54 309.54 AUD

281.40 281.40 Ex. GST

i-dose Cleaning Pods (120pcs)
89.87 89.87 89.87 AUD

81.70 81.70 Ex. GST

i-mop XXL Pro Floor Scrubber
8,349.00 8,349.00 8349.0 AUD

7,590.00 7,590.00 Ex. GST

i-mop Magnet Top Unit 40x20x10mm
74.91 74.91 74.91 AUD

68.10 68.10 Ex. GST

i-mop scrubbers are the revolutionary way to clean. Combing commercial cleaning power with the manoeuvrability and size of a traditional mop, you will find no better choice for your tiled or vinyl area. Available in three sizes (i-mop Lite, XL or XXL) and three feature levels (Basic, Plus or Pro), there will be a version suitable for you and your facility.  See the difference between Basic, Plus and Pro versions below:

i-mop Basic Plus Pro Difference Chart