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M Class Vacuum Cleaners

View the range of M-Class industrial vacuum cleaners for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. Find the right solution to safely collect and dispose of dust on your worksite. Unsure where to start? Speak to our friendly Sales Team to book a site inspection and demonstration!

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Nilfisk VHS 42 40L Wet & Dry Vacuum H Class
2,799.50 2,799.50 2799.5 AUD

2,545.00 2,545.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk VHS 42 30L Wet & Dry Vacuum
1,573.00 1,573.00 1573.0 AUD

1,430.00 1,430.00 Ex. GST

T40W L100 IC Three Phase Industrial Vacuum
15,312.00 15,312.00 15312.0 AUD

13,920.00 13,920.00 Ex. GST

VHS 120CB Single Phase MC Industrial Vacuum
3,938.00 3,347.30 3347.3 AUD

3,580.00 3,043.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk VHS42 L40 MC IC
2,260.50 2,000.00 2000.0 AUD

2,055.00 1,818.18 Ex. GST

Nilfisk Attix 761-21 XC Vacuum
2,766.50 2,766.50 2766.5 AUD

2,515.00 2,515.00 Ex. GST

Aero 26 Safety Vacuum & Extractor
849.00 849.00 849.0 AUD

771.82 771.82 Ex. GST

VHS 120CB HC Hazardous Dust Vacuum
4,939.00 4,198.15 4198.15 AUD

4,490.00 3,816.50 Ex. GST

Dust management is a significant challenge arising from worksite trade operations. Various types of debris are generated during construction projects and can pose serious health and hygiene issues for groups onsite. Based on the volume of dust and the type of dust created, a high-quality cleaning solution is required to maintain a pleasant worksite and to prevent dust exposure to individuals.

This is where M-Class vacuum cleaners can provide an effective dust solution to worksites susceptible to fine dusts. ‘M’ Class are industrial vacuums/dust extractors classified as being able to collect medium-risk dust such as plaster, cement, pine-wood and concrete. M Class vacuum cleaners are installed with a specific industrial filter that can collect fine dusts for removal and disposal from site. 

Processes such as hammering, drilling, grinding, crushing or sawing can be generators of hazardous dust; if your site undertakes these operations a M Class vacuum may be required. It is important to note that some M-Class materials can actually be generating H-Class dusts, so professional advice may be required to ascertain which vacuum is appropriate for your site’s waste. 

What makes them different from 'L' Class and 'H' Class vacuums?

There are three classes of industrial vacuums that are suitable to collect different types of dust; L-Class, M-Class and H-Class. These categories help determine the suitability of an industrial vacuum cleaner to collect different types of dust in compliance with standard EN 60335-2-69 - Annexe AA. 

Please note, always refer to your local health and safety authority for the most up-to-date standards and guidelines regarding dust classes.

L-Class vacuums are suitable to collect non-hazardous, general dust found in a facility which retains at least 99% of vacuumed particles and has an exposure limit value of over 1 mg/m3 (depending on volume). These vacuums are not typically used in industrial applications as they do not provide the level of filtration needed to safely extract finer dusts. Dust bags are not required for these vacuum cleaners. 

Class M vacuums have an exposure limit of not lower than 0.1 mg/m3 and retains 99.9% of vacuumed particles.

H-Class vacuums are one tier more rigorous than M-Class vacuums. H-Class vacuums feature HEPA filtration to collect extremely fine dust such as silica; these vacuums must use a dust bag and at times, a safety bag for dust collection. H-Class dust has an exposure limit value lower than 0.1 mg/m3 (depending on volume occupied), retaining at least 99.95% of the vacuumed particles.

Customers can sometimes be confused whether Class M vacuum or H-Class vacuum cleaners are adequate for their site, so professional advice is always encouraged before making a decision. More information can be found on Safe Work Australia's’ site or Nilfisk Australia’s industry partner who specialises in safety audits and testing, Zero Industries.

Capital Equipment Hire's M Class Vacuum Catalogue

Capital Equipment Hire is a premium Nilfisk Australia Dealer who provides M-Class industrial vacuum cleaning solutions to the market. Our catalogue only touches on the large range of vacuum cleaners available to ensure clients are purchasing the required equipment for their facility. 

Nilfisk Australia has a large VHS range that comes in smaller to larger longopac vacuum variants. VHS 42 30L vacuum is a popular option for tradespeople due to the tool link-up feature, allowing operators to collect the dust immediately at the time of using power tools.

A formal quotation can be developed of all the vacuum models by a representative from our sales team. Alternatively, you can order online directly from Capital Equipment Hire’s convenient website. Free shipping is available for orders over $200 and convenient payment can be made through our Stripe checkout system. 

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