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H Class Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

View the range of H-Class industrial vacuum cleaners for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. Efficiently achieve outstanding cleanliness in your facility. Unsure where to start? Speak to our friendly Sales Team to book a site inspection and demonstration!

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Nilfisk VHS 42 40L Wet & Dry Vacuum H Class
2,799.50 2,799.50 2799.5 AUD

2,545.00 2,545.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk VHS 42 30L Wet & Dry Vacuum
1,573.00 1,573.00 1573.0 AUD

1,430.00 1,430.00 Ex. GST

VHS 120CB Single Phase MC Industrial Vacuum
3,938.00 3,938.00 3938.0 AUD

3,580.00 3,580.00 Ex. GST

Nilfisk VHS42 L40 MC IC
2,260.50 2,260.50 2260.5 AUD

2,055.00 2,055.00 Ex. GST

Aero 26 Safety Vacuum & Extractor
849.00 849.00 849.0 AUD

771.82 771.82 Ex. GST

VHS 120CB HC Hazardous Dust Vacuum
4,939.00 4,939.00 4939.0 AUD

4,490.00 4,490.00 Ex. GST

IVT 1000CR H-Class Vacuum
4,691.50 4,691.50 4691.5 AUD

4,265.00 4,265.00 Ex. GST

VHW321 LC White Line Vacuum
9,999.00 9,999.00 9999.0 AUD

9,090.00 9,090.00 Ex. GST

Industrial Vacuums & Hazardous Dusts

View the range of industrial vacuum cleaners we have for sale at Capital Equipment Hire. You will find solutions from both Nilfisk and Kerrick suppliers that can be purchased outright or hired for long-term agreements.

Dust generated by industrial areas is a serious problem. Not only can it compromise the efficiency of a work area, it also creates a safety threat by generating hazardous dusts. Inhalation of some M and all H-Class dust types can cause serious issues that can have long term health effects. Some of the most well-known hazardous dusts include silica and asbestos, generated through a range of activities including:

  • grinding

  • drilling

  • sandblasting

  • jackhammering

  • and more.

Luckily there are a number of industrial vacuum cleaner options that can be used to prevent hazardous dust exposure in industrial workplaces. They come in different filtration configurations such as HEPA filtration and are made in Wet, Dry or Wet & Dry vacuum models. There are also different dust bag types that can be used to ensure safe removal and disposal of waste.

Some vacuums have what is called a tool link-up system, where it connects your power tool directly to the vacuum to prevent any dust generation in the open air. This is highly popular for the construction industry and tradespeople. Some common uses of industrial vacuums include:

  • construction sites where there is a mix of wet and dry debris

  • workshops where excessive dirt or debris generation is common

  • removal of high volumes of waste water where wet weather has occurred.