Full range from compact Walk-Behind Scrubbers to Ride-On Scrubbers.

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Choosing to buy or hire Scrubber Scrubbing machine
Choosing a Scrubber Dryer

1. Industrial Floor Scrubber Machine, or Commercial Floor Scrubber Machine?
The conditions and size of your site will determine what you require. If the site is small and well maintained, a commercial scrubber might suit you best. If the site is large and difficult to maintain, an industrial scrubber might be the best option for you. 
A range of commercial floor scrubbers for sale and industrial floor scrubbers for sale can be viewed in our shop!

2. Walk-Behind or Ride-On?
For large areas, a ride-on floor scrubber will offer a higher productivity rate and a faster clean. For small areas, a walk-behind floor scrubber offers greater accessability and usability.

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