imop XXL with Battery & Charger

8,620.00 +GST 8620.0 AUD

imop XL with Batteries & Charger

6,220.00 +GST 6220.0 AUD

imop Lite with Battery & Chrager

5,250.00 +GST 5250.0 AUD

Viper AS530R Scrubber Dryer

6,650.00 +GST 6650.0 AUD

Viper AS5160T Scrubber Dryer

6,650.00 +GST 6650.0 AUD

Viper AS510B Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

4,730.00 +GST 4730.0 AUD

Viper AS380C Electric Compact Scrubber Dryer

2,880.00 +GST 2880.0 AUD

Second Hand Tennant T7 Battery Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

12,890.00 +GST 12890.0 AUD

Second Hand Fimap iMx50B Eco Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

4,990.00 +GST 4990.0 AUD

Second Hand Fimap MMg Plus Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

15,990.00 +GST 15990.0 AUD

Second Hand BR855 Battery Powered Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

13,990.00 +GST 13990.0 AUD

SC100 240V Full Package Compact Scrubber Dryer

1,895.00 +GST 1895.0 AUD

Nilfisk SC900 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

17,950.00 +GST 17950.0 AUD

Nilfisk SC8000 Industrial Scrubber-Sweeper

Nilfisk SC800-71C Walk Behind Cylindrical Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk SC800-71 Walk Behind Disk Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk SC6500 Ride-On Scrubber Dryer - Cylindrical

Nilfisk SC6000 910C Ride-On Cylindrical Scrubber Dryer

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