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Fimap Genie B Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer
4,727.70 4,727.70 4727.7 AUD
Fimap Genie B Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer machine.
Fimap SMX BT CB Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer
Superseded Fimap SMX Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer replaced by Fimap MxL Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer.
Nilfisk Focus II Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer
Nilfisk Clarke FOCUS II Scrubber Dryer superseded by Nilfisk SC900.
Nilfisk SC1500 X20D Stand-On Scrubber Dryer
13,900.00 13,900.00 13900.0 AUD
Superseded Nilfisk SC1500 complete with batteries, on-board charger, prolene brush and pad holder.
Nilfisk SC900 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer
Product no longer for sale - Nilfisk SC900 battery powered heavy duty walk behind scrubber dryer replaced by Nilfisk SC901.
Please find replacement parts below.