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Hire of Nilfisk SW750 Walk-Behind Sweeper

Hire of Fimap FSR Ride-On Battery-Powered Sweeper

Fimap Broom Sweeper

310.00 +GST 310.0 AUD

Hire of Nilfisk SR1601 Industrial Ride-On Sweeper

Hire of Nilfisk SW5500 Ride-On Sweeper

Hire of Nilfisk SW8000 Industrial Ride-On Sweeper

Nilfisk SW250 Walk-Behind Manual Sweeper

650.00 +GST 650.0 AUD

Second Hand Nilfisk SW750 Walk-Behind Sweeper

2,890.00 +GST 2890.0 AUD

Nilfisk SW750 Walk-Behind Sweeper

4,135.00 +GST 4135.0 AUD

Nilfisk SW900 Walk-Behind Sweeper

9,580.00 +GST 9580.0 AUD

Second Hand Fimap FSR Ride-On Battery Sweeper

10,390.00 +GST 10390.0 AUD

Nilfisk SR1000S Battery Ride-On Sweeper

13,350.00 +GST 13350.0 AUD

Second Hand Tennant 6100 Ride On Sweeper

13,490.00 +GST 13490.0 AUD

Fimap FSR Ride-On Battery Powered Sweeper

14,500.00 +GST 14500.0 AUD

Nilfisk SR1101 Battery Ride-On Sweeper

Fimap FS800B Battery Powered Ride-On Sweeper

22,790.00 +GST 22790.0 AUD

Second Hand Nilfisk SW5500 Ride On Sweeper

28,270.00 +GST 28270.0 AUD

Nilfisk SW4000 Ride-On Sweeper

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