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Kerrick ROKY 103
Superseded Kerrick ROKY 103 Commercial Vacuum replaced by Kerrick KVAC series.
Kerrick VH Jumbo Triple Motor Wet & Dry Vacuum
3,495.00 3,495.00 3495.0 AUD
Kerrick VH Jumbo Wet & Dry Vacuum complete with transformer head, 600 series filter bag, filter bag ring, filter support, 50mm diameter vacuum hose, hose cuff tool end, industrial wet/dry floor tool, top bend, 2 x 50mm diameter wands
Fimap FV9B Vacuum
1,350.00 1,350.00 1350.0 AUD
Fimap FV9B Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum complete with fast charger, lithium ion battery, suction hose, hand tool, wand, floor tool and toolends, sack filter and dust bag.
Nilfisk T40W Plus L100 ATEX Industrial Safety Vacuum
19,670.00 19,670.00 19670.0 AUD
Nilfisk T40W Plus ATEX Industrial Safety Vacuum independently approved for use in explosive zone 21 categorised areas.
*70mm to 50mm reduction piece required for use with optional ATEX kit
Nilfisk 3997W Industrial Vacuum
Nilfisk 3997W Industrial Vacuum
Nilfisk 3907W 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum
Nilfisk 3907W 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum
Nilfisk T40W L100 IC Industrial Vacuum
13,640.00 13,640.00 13640.0 AUD
Nilfisk T40W L100 IC Industrial Vacuum
Nilfisk S3 N24 L50 FM Industrial Vacuum
5,190.00 5,190.00 5190.0 AUD
Nilfisk S3 N24 L50 FM Industrial Vacuum complete with hose and accessories kit.
Nilfisk IVB 961-OL Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum
2,195.00 2,195.00 2195.0 AUD
Nilfisk IVB 965-OL Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum complete with suction hose, stainless steel hand piece, extension tube kit, crevice nozzle, basic floor tool, and PET M class fleece filter.
Nilfisk VHS 110 Z22 Exa Vacuum
7,770.00 7,770.00 7770.0 AUD
Nilfisk VHS 110 Z22 complete with L class star filter, 50mm atex accessory kit, and 50mm connection tube.
Nilfisk Attix 751-61 Industrial Wet Pump Out Vacuum
3,459.00 3,459.00 3459.0 AUD
Nilfisk ATTIX 751-61 Industrial Wet Pump Out Vacuum complete with wet filter sieve.
VL200 Wet & Dry Vacuum
495.00 495.00 495.0 AUD
Nilfisk VL200 Wet & Dry Vacuum complete with hose, brush nozzle, crevice nozzle, floor rubber strip nozzle, floor brush nozzle, telescopic tube, and telescopic tube holder.
Nilfisk GM80B Industrial Vacuum
1,595.00 1,595.00 1595.0 AUD
Nilfisk GM80B Industrial Vacuum complete with filter, dustbag, combination nozzle, tube-bent end, and hose assembly.
VU500 Upright Commercial Vacuum
825.00 742.50 742.5 AUD
Nilfisk VU500 Upright Commercial Vacuum complete with hose, crevice nozzle, HEPA filter, extension tube, and cylindrical broom. Available in two cleaning paths: 300mm and 380mm.
905 5342 020
Nilfisk GD930S2 Commercial Vacuum
999.00 999.00 999.0 AUD
Nilfisk GD930S2 Commercial Vacuum complete with hose, dustbag, telescopic tube, and selection of nozzles.
906 0605 010
Nilfisk GD5 240V Backpack Vacuum
395.00 355.50 355.5 AUD
Nilfisk GD5 240v backpack vacuum complete with hose, combination nozzle, and telescopic tube.
Nilfisk VHS 120 Single Phase Industrial Vacuum
3,325.00 3,325.00 3325.0 AUD
Nilfisk VHS120 LC Twin Motor Industrial Vacuum complete with industrial accessories kit. Available in L, M, or H class filtration.
Nilfisk VHS42 L40 MC IC
1,815.00 1,815.00 1815.0 AUD
Nilfisk VHS42 40L M-Class Wet & Dry Industrial Safety Vacuum complete with filter, stainless steel extension tube, stainless steel curved hand tube, anti-static suction hose, floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, anti-static tool adapter, hose/cable hook, and flexible box strap.
Nilfisk VL500 75 ERGO Wet & Dry Vacuum
1,249.00 1,249.00 1249.0 AUD
Nilfisk VL500 Wet & Dry Vacuum complete with floor and crevice nozzles, extension tube, filter, and hose.
eye-vac 9B Commercial Vacuum
725.00 725.00 725.0 AUD
i-team dual battery cordless vacuum suitable with i-power 9 or 14 batteries. Charger and batteries are sold separately.